Question Parts Submission Rule

If the Assignment Submission rule at the top of your assignment reads For this assignment, you submit answers by question parts, the number of submissions for each answer box is counted independently. The number of submissions remaining changes only if you submit a new or changed answer.

For different Assignment Submission rules, see either Questions Submission Rule or Entire Assignment Submission Rule.

With this rule:

  • Each question part can have a different number of allowed submissions.
  • Each time you submit your answers, only question parts with new or changed answers are submitted.
  • No submissions are used for question parts that you did not change.
  1. To view the submission information for each question part, click Details in the question heading.
    question score grid expanded to show submissions used and submissions remaining
  2. Enter your answer for a question or question part.
  3. At the bottom of the question, click Submit Answer.