Site Configuration Info

Before setting up Cengage integration with Moodle™, contact your Cengage representative to request configuration details for your institution.

This information is emailed to you and includes the following items:

Login Initiation URI
A web address.
Example: https://int-gateway.cengage.com/ws/mlapi/ltioidc/startlaunch?name=sr-1100851
Cengage JWK Set URI
Moodle 3.9 and later: A web address.
Example: https://int-gateway.cengage.com/.well-known/jwks.json
OAuth redirect URIs
One or more web addresses.
Example: https://int-gateway.cengage.com/ws/mlapi/ltioidc/authorizedl
Deep Linking URI
A web address.
Example: https://gateway.cengage.com/ws/mlapi/lti/contentItems/products
Public Key
Moodle 3.8 and earlier: Open the link in the email to get your public key.
Example: NcvGx2R+ExAmpl3+kEY+gMTQI5eQxMWr