Create the Cengage Tool

To enable instructors to integrate their Moodle™ and Cengage courses, create and register the Cengage tool.

  1. Sign in to Moodle as an administrator.
  2. Click Site administration.
  3. Under Plugins, select External tool > Manage tools.
  4. Select configure a tool manually.
  5. Under Tool settings, click Show more and set the following fields:
    Field Value
    Tool name Cengage
    Tool URL https://gateway.cengage.com
    LTI version LTI 1.3
    Public key type
    Moodle 3.9 and later
    Keyset Url
    Public key
    Moodle 3.9 and later
    The provided Cengage JWK Set URI.
    Moodle 3.8 and earlier
    The provided Public Key.
    Initiate login URL The provided Login Initiation URI.
    Redirection URI(s) The provided OAuth redirect URIs.
    Tool configuration usage Show in activity chooser and as a preconfigured tool or Show as a preconfigured tool when adding a new external tool
    Default launch container New window
    Content-Item Message selected
    Content Section URL The provided Deep Linking URI.
    Note Select Content-Item Message to enable this field.
    Secure Icon URL https://gateway.cengage.com/GatewayImages/cengage-icon.svg

    Under Services:

    Field Value
    IMS LTI Assignment and Grade Services Use this service for grade sync and column management
    IMS LTI Names and Role Provisioning Optional: Use this service to retrieve members' information as per privacy settings

    Under Privacy:

    Field Value
    Share launcher's name with tool Always
    Share launcher's email with tool Always
    Accept grades from tool Delegate to teacher

    Under Miscellaneous:

    Field Value
    Default organization ID Site ID
  6. Click Save Changes.
  7. In the list of tools, find the Cengage tool you created and click View configuration details to display the Tool configuration details page.
  8. Open the email message you received from Cengage with your tool configuration details and click Complete Registration.
    Note If the self-registration link has expired, click Send Email button to request a new registration email. When you receive the new email, click Complete Registration.
  9. On the tool registration page, enter the Platform ID and Client ID that are displayed on the Moodle Tool configuration details page.

    The Public Keyset URL, Access Token URL, and Authentication request URL fields are automatically filled in when you enter the Platform ID.

  10. Click Register.

    A message indicates that the Cengage tool was registered successfully.