Copy Your MindTap-Integrated Course in Canvas

Copy a MindTap-integrated Canvas™ course to copy all content and course settings in both Canvas and MindTap at the same time.

This feature is not available to everyone and cannot be used to copy another instructor's course. Alternatively, see Copy a MindTap Course to a New Canvas Course.

If this feature is not enabled for your institution, you will be asked to complete additional steps after copying your Canvas course.

Note To request this feature, ask your Cengage representative to enable enhanced course copy.

Remove Until dates from your Canvas course. If your MindTap activity links have Until dates, the due dates will not update in your new course.

  1. In Canvas, create a new course.
  2. Copy content from a MindTap-integrated course to your new Canvas course.

    If you are manually selecting which content to copy, be sure to include links to MindTap.

  3. After the task is complete, navigate to the copied content area in your new course.

    Your MindTap links should all be listed, but they don't yet point to a MindTap course.

  4. Click one of the MindTap links.

    Your copied MindTap course opens in a new tab.

    All dates in your new MindTap course are inferred from the course start and end date.

Note If your course does not open, this feature is not enabled and you must complete these additional steps.
  1. Copy your MindTap course.
    1. Select Copy from my existing course if it is not already selected.
    2. Select the correct MindTap course if it is not already selected.
    3. Enter the necessary information.

Review and adjust assignment dates and course settings as needed.