Filter Dataset by Values

To restrict the dataset used for statistical operations, create filters for dataset variables. The filtered data can also be saved to create a new dataset.

  1. On the Dataset tab, click Filter Values beside a variable.
  2. Select the type of filter to use.

    Filter types are different for categorical and numerical values.

  3. Enter a value to match the filter type.

    For example, to see only data with Year=1995, select Equal to X and enter 1995.

  4. Click Add Filter.

    The filter condition is listed below the variable. Only data matching your specified filter conditions are shown.

    • If needed, repeat these steps to add other filter conditions.
    • To remove a filter, click beside it.
  5. Optional: Save the filtered dataset.
    1. Click Download Dataset.
    2. Select the format to save.
      Tip Select CSV if you plan to upload the saved dataset to SALT.
    3. Click Download.
    4. Select where to save the dataset.

    After saving, you might need to click to close the Download panel.