Edit Variables

To add or remove the dataset variables used for statistical operations, or to use a numerical variable categorically, edit the variables. The filtered data can also be saved to create a new dataset.

Note You cannot add a new variable that is not present in the original dataset. If you need to add a new variable, download your dataset, add a column to the downloaded data, and upload it to SALT.

Variable Types

Variables can be one of two types:


Qualitative values that are used to organize or categorize data.

Examples include diagnostic codes, dates, or names of things or people.


Quantitative values that are used as the basis for numerical analyses.

Examples include measurements, prices, or counts of things.

  1. On the Dataset tab, click Select Variables.
  2. Select up to ten variables to use in your analysis.
  3. Optional: If needed, click Numerical > Categorical beside a quantitative variable to treat it as a categorical variable.
  4. Click Select.

    The selected data are shown in the Preview Table.

  5. Optional: Save the filtered dataset.
    1. Click Download Dataset.
    2. Select the format to save.
      Tip Select CSV if you plan to upload the saved dataset to SALT.
    3. Click Download.
    4. Select where to save the dataset.

    After saving, you might need to click to close the Download panel.