Add or Change the Dataset

Use the Dataset tab to select, preview, and edit the data used for SALT operations. Choose from built-in datasets or upload your own comma-separated value (CSV) data. When opening SALT from a WebAssign question, the dataset for that question is automatically selected.

Dataset Sources

Most SALT analyses require a dataset. SALT datasets are provided in one of three ways:

  • Built-in datasets
  • Uploaded CSV datasets
  • Datasets provided by WebAssign questions

Each dataset is a table of values for selected variables.

Variable Types

Variables can be one of two types:


Qualitative values that are used to organize or categorize data.

Examples include diagnostic codes, dates, or names of things or people.


Quantitative values that are used as the basis for numerical analyses.

Examples include measurements, prices, or counts of things.

Select a Built-In Dataset

Alternatively, see:

  1. On the Dataset tab, select Existing Dataset.
  2. Below Upload Your data, select the dataset you want to use.

    You are prompted to select the variables to use.

  3. Select up to ten variables to use in your analysis.
  4. Optional: If needed, click Numerical > Categorical beside a quantitative variable to treat it as a categorical variable.
  5. Click Select.

    The selected data are shown in the Preview Table.

  6. Optional: Change your view of the data.
    To do thisDo this
    Hide or show a column Clear or select the checkbox in the Variables list.
    Note This does not remove the variable from SALT analyses.
    Sort data
    • Click a column header to sort by ascending order. The sorted variable is marked Ascending.
    • Click the column header again to sort by descending order. The sorted variable is marked Descending.
    Search data At the top of the table, enter a value in the Search bar.
    Move columns Drag a column header.
    View more data At the bottom of the table, click Previous Page or Next Page.
    View more rows of data At the bottom of the table, select the number of rows to view.