Added Wrong Cengage Product or Course in LMS

When you add Cengage content to your LMS, you select a product, then create or copy a course using that product. If you accidentally select the wrong product, or copy the wrong course, you can easily change your selections in the Cengage tool.

Common reasons for removing a Cengage product include:
  • You created a new course, but meant to copy a course.
  • You copied the wrong course.
  • You meant to add an eBook with CNOWv2, but only added the eBook.
  • You added an eBook to a course that already includes that eBook with CNOWv2.
Note You cannot remove a Cengage product if:
  • Students are enrolled in the Cengage component of your course.
  • Your course uses multiple eBook-only products.
To remove a product from these courses, contact support at


  1. Open the Cengage content tool in your LMS course.

    The Cengage product used in your course is displayed.

  2. Click Delete next to the product.
  3. Click Delete to confirm.
  4. Optional: Add another Cengage product and create or copy a new CNOWv2 course.