Practice a Topic

With My Class Insights, you can practice other randomized versions of the questions you were assigned for a topic. This is often a good way to improve your skills and prepare for a test.

  1. Open My Class Insights.

    From your class home page, click View My Class Insights.

    To return to your home page, click back in the top left corner.

  2. Expand a topic.

    Click expand beside the topic.

  3. Click a tab under the topic to list the matching assignment questions.
    Tab Criteria
    Needs Practice
    • At least one part was not answered correctly in one or two attempts.
    • All parts were attempted.
    Never Attempted At least one part was not submitted.
    Correct on 2nd Attempt
    • At least one part required two attempts to answer correctly.
    • All parts were answered correctly in one or two attempts.
    • All parts were attempted.
    Correct on 1st Attempt
    • All parts were answered correctly on the first attempt.
    • All parts were attempted.

    The listed questions are from all of your current and past assignments covering the topic.

    Class Insights is available only for classes with textbooks in WebAssign, and provides information only for textbook questions. Questions from other sources are not reported.

  4. Click Practice beside a question to test yourself with a different version of the question.

    Depending on the assignment, Practice Another might be available only after a certain number of submissions, only after the due date, only before the due date, or not at all. Practice Another is not available for every question.

    A different randomization of the assignment question opens above the original question.

  5. Attempt the question and click Check Score to see whether you answered correctly.
  6. Optional: Show the answer key or try a different randomization.

    You must attempt the question first.

    To do this Do this
    Show the answer key Click Show Answer.

    For some assignments, this might not be available.

    Try a different randomization Click Try Another.
Tip Practice both Needs Practice and Never Attempted questions first, until you are confident that you understand the material. Then, if you have time, practice questions under Correct on 2nd Attempt.