SALT Questions

Some WebAssign statistics questions include a Use SALT button. Click the button to open SALT in a new tab with the dataset or frequency table defined by the WebAssign question. Use SALT to perform your statistical analyses. Then, enter your answers in the WebAssign question.

Only some WebAssign questions include a SALT dataset and the Use SALT button.

For these questions, you can use SALT to apply the statistical concepts you have learned to a question-specific dataset and provide answers about what the data mean.

Note For the best experience, avoid using SALT on mobile devices with small screen sizes.
  1. In the WebAssign question, click Use SALT.

    SALT opens in a new tab. The dataset or frequency table for the question is already selected.

  2. Use SALT to perform statistical analyses.
  3. Based on your analyses, go back to WebAssign and answer the question.
  4. When you are finished, close the SALT tab.