Use the Sampling tab to generate samples from a population.

  1. Under Settings, set Variable 1 to the variable for which you want to generate samples.
  2. If you selected a categorical variable, set Level of Variable 1 to the value of interest.

    Test Parameter is set automatically either to Mean or Proportion based on the variable type. If needed, edit the variable to change the type.

  3. Set the Number of Samples to generate.
  4. Set the Sample Size.
  5. Click Generate Samples.

    A dot plot displays the sampling distribution of each generated sample's statistic.

    Below the dot plot, either a summary table or graph displays statistics for both the original dataset and the currently selected sample.

  6. If needed, click Generate Samples again to add more samples.
    • To start again, click Reset.
    • To clear a variable, click beside it.
  7. Optional: To select a sample, click its dot in the dot plot.

    The sample comparison data below the dot plot is updated.

  8. Optional: Adjust the Proportion, α, and Critical Values.
    • Use the Proportion slider.
    • Enter the Critical Value—or both values if you are coloring both tails.

    The Proportion, α, and Critical Values and shading of the dot plot are updated.

  9. Optional: Select which tail to color in the dot plot.
    • Color Left Tail
    • Color Right Tail
    • Color Both Tails