Update Additional Account Information

Add and edit additional account information, including an alias and SAM communication email. This information is optional and used only in SAM.

  1. In the top right corner, click Menu.
  2. Click Help, Notifications & Profile.
  3. Edit your account information.
    Field Description
    Communication Email Email address to which you want communications sent in addition to your username.
    Important Required if your username is not a valid email address.

    Maximum 128 characters.


    Optional: For privacy, instructors can post exam results using students' aliases instead of real names. 6 to 20 characters.

    ID# Optional: Student ID. Maximum 20 characters.
    Blackboard ID Optional
    Join our mailing list Optional: You can receive occasional emails about Cengage products or promotions.
    Note The following characters are not allowed in Name, Username, ID#, or Alias:
    ~ ` ^ * " $ % # ! \ / > < & ; : | ,

    You can't change your name, birth year, username, Institution Key, or time zone.

  4. Click Save.