Enable Enhanced Course Copy

After integrating Canvas™ with Cengage, you can allow instructors at your institution to use enhanced course copy.

With enhanced course copy, instructors can copy a Cengage-integrated Canvas course to copy all content and course settings in both Canvas and Cengage at the same time.

Note If you integrated Canvas with Cengage after fall 2021, enhanced course copy is automatically enabled. Follow these steps to confirm that the correct parameters are listed in the Cengage tool.
  1. Contact your Cengage representative and ask to enable enhanced course copy for your institution.

    Enhanced course copy must be enabled by both an administrator and a Cengage representative.

  2. Sign in to Canvas as an administrator.
  3. Go to your Canvas admin page.
  4. Click Settings > Apps > View App Configurations.
  5. Click settings > Edit.
  6. Under Custom Fields, enter the following:
  7. Click Submit.