Register the Cengage LTI Advantage Tool in Canvas

Before you can make the Cengage LTI Advantage tool available to instructors, you must register it in Canvas™.

  1. Go to your Canvas admin page.
  2. Click Developer Keys.
  3. Click + Developer Key > + LTI Key.
  4. Configure the key settings.
    Field Value
    Method Select Enter URL.
    JSON URL Paste the JSON URL provided in the email from Cengage.
    Key Name Enter Cengage LTI.
    Redirect URIs Paste the URIs provided in the email from Cengage.
  5. Click Save.

    A new Cengage LTI key is added to your Developer Keys page.

  6. Set the Cengage LTI key to On.
  7. Copy the 14 digit numerical code from the Details column.

    Do not copy the longer code that displays when you click Show Key. These codes are not interchangeable.

  8. In the email from Cengage, click Complete Registration.
  9. In Client ID, paste the 14 digit numerical code.
  10. In Token Endpoint, substituting site-domain for your institution's Canvas site domain, enter the following URL:


  11. Click Register.