Install the Cengage LTI Advantage Tool

Install the Cengage LTI Advantage tool to make it available to instructors.

You can install the Cengage tool for your entire Canvas™ site, for a sub-account, or for an individual course.

Existing Cengage links in the site, sub-account, or course where the LTI Advantage tool is installed are automatically migrated to LTI Advantage.

  1. Sign in to Canvas as an administrator.
  2. Go to your Canvas admin page.
  3. Click Developer Keys and copy the 14 digit numerical code from the Details column.

    Do not copy the longer code that displays when you click Show Key. These codes are not interchangeable.

  4. Optional: If you are installing the Cengage tool at the sub-account or course level, navigate to that sub-account or course.
  5. Click Settings.
  6. Open the Apps tab and click View App Configurations.
  7. Click +App.
  8. Set the Configuration Type to By Client ID.
  9. Paste the 14 digit numerical code from your Developer Keys page.
  10. Click Submit.

    Canvas starts a background process to migrate all LTI 1.1 links to LTI Advantage.

    Instructors are not able to use the old version of the Cengage tool.

  11. Remove the tool placement of the old Cengage tool to hide it from instructors and avoid confusion.
    Important Do not delete any previously installed versions of the Cengage tool for at least 7 days to allow the migration process to complete.