Purchase Cengage Unlimited Access from Barnes and Noble College

After you purchase Cengage Unlimited from a Barnes and Noble online campus bookstore, you will receive your access code. You can enter the code on the Cengage site to unlock your access.

  1. Go to Barnes and Noble College.
  2. Choose your school from the list or use the School Search tool.
  3. On your school's campus bookstore site, search for Cengage Unlimited.
  4. Select the length of the Cengage Unlimited subscription you want to purchase.
  5. Add item to cart and complete the purchase process.
  6. Get your access code from your campus bookstore email confirmation.
  7. Go to login.cengage.com.

    Alternatively, use the link provided by your instructor.

  8. Enter your email address and click Next.

    If you are a new student, see Create an Account.

    Note Before you create a new account, make sure you do not have an existing account.
  9. Enter your password and click Sign In.
  10. Click Register another course or product and follow the instructions to enter your access code.