Create a Homework Assignment

Use Homework assignments to help your students review information and understand new concepts. You can add a variety of pre-made questions, as well as questions you've created. You can include up to 150 questions in a single assignment.

  1. From the Assignments page, click Create Assignment.

    Be sure you're in the correct course and section.

  2. Click Homework.
  3. Enter the name of the assignment in Name Your Assignment.
  4. Set start and end dates for the assignment.
    1. Click select dates.

      The Select Dates window opens.

    2. Set the date and time for Assignment Available On.
    3. Optional: Set the date and time for Assignment Due On.
    4. Optional: Allow students to access the assignment after the due date has passed.

      Clear Same as Due Date, and set a later date and time for Assignment Unavailable On.

    5. Click Done.
  5. Add content to your assignment.
    1. Click Add Content.

      The Available Items window opens and lists the available content sources.

    2. To view all available content, click the content sources and the chapter and section headings to expand.

      You can apply filters with the checkboxes on the right.

    3. Select the items you want to add to your assignment.
      Note To preview the items in the list, click Quick View. To see a larger preview, click the item in the list.
    4. Click Done.
  6. Optional: Create a question pool.

    A question pool is a group of questions from which only a select number will be included in the assignment.

    1. Click to clear items you do not want included in the question pool, or click Deselect Unpooled Items to clear all items that are not already in a question pool.

      Be sure that only the items you want included in your question pool are selected.

    2. Click Add New Pool.
    3. To edit the question pool, hover over the name of the pool and click Edit Pool.

      You can name the pool, set how the items are weighted, and set how many items from the pool are included in the assignment.

  7. Set the assignment options.

    If you previously saved assignment settings, you can find them in the dropdown menu. Some settings are assignment specific and will still need to be set.

    To do this Do this
    Set the number of times students may take an assignment

    Set Assignment Takes options. Specify the number of takes students are allowed, how much time is allowed per take, and if students can save and resume the assignment later.

    Allow students to print an assignment Set Printing options. Allow students to print out an entire assignment or a single item from an assignment.
    Require students to enter a password to access the assignment Set Restrictions options. Enter a password that students will need to access the assignment.
    Set the possible score (required) To set the possible score of the assignment as the sum of the items in the assignment, select Sum of the item values.

    To weight the assignment more or less than the sum of the items in the assignment, select Specific points and enter a number. Each item will be weighted as a fraction of that number.

    If the assignment is not graded, select Not graded.

    Specify how the assignment is graded

    Set Grading options.

    Carry all responses and feedback into subsequent takes?
    Set if a new take of an assignment preserves the student's previous answers.
    Score multiple takes using
    Choose to score an assignment that allows multiple takes by the best score or the last score.
    Extra Credit
    Select if the assignment counts as extra credit.
    Curve factor of
    Set a curve factor to increase or decrease scores by a certain percentage.
    Note To increase scores, set the curve factor above 100. For example, set the curve factor to 110 to increase scores by 10%.
    Pass/Fail at
    If your assignment is pass/fail rather than scored, set the percentage students must earn in order to pass the assignment. The gradebook displays Passed or Failed.
    Penalty when due
    If the assignment has a late penalty, set the percentage of the penalty. Set the percentage of a Subsequent penalty that students incur for every additional hour, day, or week that the submission is late.
    Set question options

    Set Questions options.

    Regenerate algorithmic questions
    Set how often algorithmic questions regenerate.
    Shuffle questions for each student and take
    Select to shuffle questions for each student and each time a student takes the assignment.
    Hide question labels
    Select to hide the labels of individual questions.
    Show additional resources
    Allow/restrict access to additional resources during the assignment.
    Allow/restrict feedback during the assignment Set Feedback during Assignment options to determine the number of times students can use the Check My Work feature, and if students see response rejoinders. You can also set the number of attempts students must complete before hints become available.
    Allow/restrict feedback after the assignment Set Feedback after Assignment options to determine if and when students can view their overall assignment score, question details, responses, question scores, correct answers, and feedback.
    Prevent students from accessing your assignment before completing a previous assignment Set Prerequisite options.
    1. Specify if the condition is based on points, percentage, completion, or time spent on the assignment.
    2. Choose the required assignment.
    3. Select the behavior if the prerequisite is not met.
  8. Optional: Once all settings are configured, you can save your settings to use for future assignments. Click Save as new set, name the set, and click Save.
  9. Click Publish.

    Your assignment information displays.

Your new assignment is added to your Assignments page.