Import Cognero Question Sets to Moodle

Use question sets from Cognero to build quizzes or tests in Moodle™.

  1. In Cognero, open any question set or test.
  2. Download the Cognero question set to your computer.

    Click File > Export > Blackboard 7.1.

  3. In Moodle, open a course.
  4. Click settings > More.
  5. Under Question Bank, click Import.
  6. Under File format, select Blackboard.
  7. Click Choose a file.
  8. Find and select your exported file.
  9. Click Import.

Now you can add Cognero questions to a Moodle quiz.

After creating a new quiz, click Edit Quiz. Click Add > from question bank. Under Select a category, select your Cognero question set. Select the questions to include in your quiz and click Add selected questions to the quiz.