Add Links in Canvas to CNOWv2 Activities and Resources

After setting up your CNOWv2 course, create links from Canvas™ to activities or other content in CNOWv2. Linked graded activities are included in the Canvas gradebook unless you choose to exclude them.

Note Category scores can not be synced to Canvas.

Before adding links to CNOWv2 activities, make sure your CNOWv2 course is set up the way you want it.

  • Add and organize the assigned activities and course materials for your CNOWv2 course.
  • Configure assignment settings such as grading, attempts, feedback, time limits, due dates, point values, and grade categories.
Best Practice Use consistent assignment settings and a consistent schedule for due dates and times.

Links created in this way are sometimes called deep links because they are not just web links but allow data to be exchanged between Canvas and CNOWv2.

  1. Open your Canvas course.
  2. From the course navigation, click Cengage.

If you get an error message when you click Cengage, see LTI Advantage.

  1. Select your linked CNOWv2 course from the list of content sources.

    A list of assigned activities for your linked CNOWv2 course is shown.

  2. Select activities to include in your course.

    By default, when you include a graded activity it is added to the Canvas gradebook.

  3. Configure grade syncing with Canvas.
    Note Depending on your course and Canvas configuration, some of the following options might not be available.
    To do thisDo this
    Add a graded activity to the Canvas gradebook Select Add to Gradebook for the activity.
    Exclude a graded activity from the Canvas gradebook Clear Add to Gradebook for the activity.
    Add a graded activity to the Canvas gradebook without adding the activity link
    1. Select Add to Gradebook.
    2. Clear Add to Course.
    Sync only the overall course score and not individual activity scores
    1. Click Activity Scores > Course Score.
    2. Click Synchronize Overall Course Score.
    Sync individual activity scores (after previously choosing to sync the course score)
    1. Click Course Score > Activity Scores.
    2. Click Synchronize Individual Activity Scores.
  4. Click Continue.

The selected links are added to the module.

If needed, you can reorganize the links in Canvas.