Remove or Edit Links to CNOWv2 Courses or Activities

You can delete a link if needed, rename links, or add descriptions to be shown after each link.

Note To remove a CNOWv2 activity from the BlackboardĀ® gradebook, you must first remove the activity link; then, you can remove the gradebook column.
  1. Go to a content area in your course.
  2. Select an action from the link menu Go to CNOWv2 item options beside the link you want to change.
    To rename the link, add a description, or control link display:
    1. Click Go to CNOWv2 item options > Edit.
    2. Optional: Edit the link Name.
    3. Optional: Edit the link Description.
    4. Optional: Change the link Options to hide the link or display it only for a specific timeframe.
    5. Click Submit.
    To remove the link:
    1. Click Go to CNOWv2 item options > Delete.
    2. At the prompt, click OK.