Configure Browser Settings in Firefox

If needed, configure your browser settings in Firefox.

Allow Cookies in Firefox

Cengage learning platforms use cookies to keep you signed in.

Either set Content Blocking to Standard or allow cookies from the domains listed above.

  • Set Content Blocking to Standard
    1. Go to about:preferences#privacy.
    2. Under Content Blocking, select Standard.
  • Allow cookies for the domains listed above
    1. Go to about:preferences#privacy.
    2. Under Cookies and Site Data, click Manage Permissions.
    3. Type the domain name and click Allow.
    4. After entering all the domains, click Save Changes.

Allow JavaScript in Firefox

In the unlikely event that JavaScript was turned off, re-enable it for your Cengage learning content to work correctly.

  1. Go to about:config and accept the warning.
  2. Search for the javascript.enabled preference.
  3. If its value is false, double-click to change it to true.