Course Copy Options

You can quickly copy a WebAssign course in LMS. If your course has been extensively customized, or you want instructors to be able to edit assignments, you can copy the course in WebAssign and integrate it with LMS.

There are two ways to copy a LMS-integrated WebAssign course. Choose the method that best fits your needs.

Copy in LMS

This is the quickest and easiest method.
This method is recommended for:
  • Instructors reusing their course from a previous term.
  • Instructors who are copying a course from a template or another instructor and do not need to edit assignments.

Copy in WebAssign and link in LMS

This method is more time-consuming, but preserves certain settings and lets instructors edit assignments.

This method is recommended for:

  • Course coordinators or instructors creating a course template for other instructors to use.
  • Instructors who are copying a course from a template or another instructor and want to edit assignments.
  • Instructors upgrading to a new edition in their copied course.
  • Instructors who have extensively customized their WebAssign course. Certain WebAssign settings are not copied to your new course when you copy in LMS, but are copied when you copy in WebAssign.

Settings copied in LMS vs. WebAssign

Course Setting Copied in LMS Copied in WebAssign
  • Questions used
  • Randomization
  • Number of submissions
  • Count best or latest answer
  • Submit question part, entire question, or assignment
  • Show answer and solution after set number attempts
Yes Yes
Extension settings
  • Automatic extensions
  • Penalties
  • Length of extension
  • Time after deadline request is accepted
No Yes
Question grading
  • Significant figure tolerance
  • Penalties for syntax errors
No Yes
WebAssign GradeBook settings
  • Assignment categories
  • Final grades calculation
  • Letter grading scale
  • Pass/Fail
  • Practice assignment
  • Drop lowest score
  • Extra credit
No Yes
Assignment restrictions
  • Password protection
  • Conditional release
  • Timed assignments
  • IP address restriction
  • LockDown Browser® required
  • Group assignments
No Yes