Schedule Assignments

To assign work to your students, schedule assignments to your classes on the Schedule page.

Important You cannot change your course's start date, meeting day, or meeting time after an assignment has been scheduled in your course.
  • Drag an unscheduled assignment to a class week to schedule it.
  • Double-click a scheduled assignment to edit the dates.
  • Drag a scheduled assignment to a different week to reschedule it.
  • Drag a scheduled assignment back to the Assignments list to unschedule it.
In WebAssign, the assignment schedule dates are calculated based on rules that you specify. This makes it easier to schedule the same assignment to multiple course sections or to other courses, or to copy an entire course schedule to a new course.
Note Due dates are set and displayed in WebAssign according to your institution's time zone. They display to your students in their local time.
The date and time before which students must submit the assignment without requiring an extension.
The date and time when students can begin working on the assignment. Students do not see assignments in their assignment list until they become available to work on.
View Until
The date and time after which students can no longer view the assignment. This allows you to define a period of time after the due date when students can review their assignment but not make any changes.

Depending on the kind of assignment you are scheduling, you might want to add security and time restrictions, require students to pass one or more prerequisite assignments before starting work, or schedule the assignment to be completed as group work.