Sync Scores to Canvas

After adding activity links from Canvas™, your students' WebAssign scores sync to Canvas based on your settings. If needed, you can also request a manual score sync to Canvas.

Note No score is synced automatically for assignments not opened or submitted by the due date (ND and NS in WebAssign). To record ND and NS as 0 in your Canvas gradebook, manually sync scores for past due assignments.1

Manual score syncs are performed after all current automatic syncs, not instantly. You can request one manual score sync per day.

If you manually edit scores in Canvas, they will be overwritten by a grade sync.

Rescore an assignment or manually send assignment scores to the Canvas gradebook, depending on whether your course uses the new integration method.

New integration method only

  1. In WebAssign, click ScoreView.
  2. Select an assignment.
  3. Click Send Scores to LMS.


Rescoring an assignment causes scores to be re-synced to the Canvas gradebook. See Rescore Assignments.

The selected assignment scores are queued for synchronization to Canvas. Syncing your entire gradebook might take up to an hour.

1 A few schools opt out of syncing ND and NS scores to the Canvas gradebook.