Set Up LMS Integration (Old)

Integrate WebAssign in your LMS class so you and your students can access your WebAssign assignments from your LMS.

New and Old Integrations

Starting in spring 2021, many schools use a new method to integrate WebAssign with their LMS. With the new method:

  • Integration starts in your LMS course, not in WebAssign.
  • For single-section courses, you can create your WebAssign course automatically as part of integration.
  • For multi-section courses, you should create your course sections first in WebAssign and then integrate them from your LMS.

Other schools will continue to use the old integration method. With the old method:

  • Integration starts in your WebAssign course.
  • You must create your WebAssign courses manually and then integrate them with your LMS from the WebAssign LMS Integration tab.
Note The new integration method is only available for Cengage products. Courses using an eBook from another publisher will continue to use the old integration method.

If you don't know which type of integration your institution is using, contact your Cengage representative. If needed, you can find your Cengage representative at (Latin America) or (Brazil).

Before You Begin

Set up integration at the start of the term, and only for WebAssign course sections with no enrolled students.

Important Turn off self-enrollment for your WebAssign course. Do not link an LMS course to an existing WebAssign course if:
  • students are already enrolled
  • you gave students a class key to self-enroll
Questions? Contact customer support.
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International Customer Support (8am – 6pm EST)
1-800-599-3663 or 1-859-657-4786
Latin America
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Monday-Friday; 5am-7pm CST (Mexico City Time)

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01800-CENGAGE (2364243) option 8
  1. In WebAssign, go to the ClassView page for the course section you want to set up.
  2. Click Edit Class Settings.
  3. Click the LMS Integration tab.
    The integrations available to you are listed.
    Note Link not shown? See LMS Troubleshooting.
  4. Click the integration you want to set up, and then follow the displayed instructions.

    These instructions are specific to your WebAssign class section.