Create CNOW Tests in MindTap

Use CNOW in MindTap to create tests for students to complete online at home or in a proctored testing environment.

  1. In the toolbar, click CNOW.

    To expand the window, click expand.

  2. Click Create Assignment.
  3. Click Test > Continue.
  4. Enter a test name.
  5. Click Continue.

    The Available Questions page opens and lists the available content sources.

  6. Use the + buttons to view the available content, and select the chapters you want to use. You can select multiple chapters.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. Optional: To filter questions based on the difficulty, gradability, and other factors, clear and select the checkboxes.

    Different options are available depending on the chapters you have selected.

  9. Click Continue.

    The Included Questions page opens.

  10. To add questions to the assignment, select questions and click Include.
  11. Optional: To change the number of points that can be earned from a question, select a question from the Included Questions list and click Change Point Value.
  12. Click Continue.

    The Assignment Options page opens.

  13. Set the assignment options.
    To do thisDo this
    Set the number of times students may take an assignment

    Set Assignment Takes options. Specify the number of takes students are allowed and how much time is allowed per take.

    Require students to enter a password to access the assignment Set Restrictions options. Enter a password that students will need to access the assignment.
    Specify how the assignment is graded

    Set Grading options.

    Possible Score (required)
    If the assignment is graded, set the highest possible point value of the assignment. If the assignment is not graded, select Practice (Score does not count towards grade).
    Score multiple takes using
    Choose to score an assignment that allows multiple takes by the best score or the last score.
    Extra Credit
    Select if the assignment counts as extra credit.
    Curve factor of
    If the assignment is graded on a curve, set the percentage of the curve factor.
    Pass/Fail at
    If your assignment is pass/fail rather than scored, set the percentage students must earn in order to pass the assignment. The gradebook displays Passed or Failed.
    Set question options

    Set Questions options.

    Regenerate algorithmic questions
    Set how often algorithmic questions regenerate.
    Shuffle questions for each student and take
    Select to shuffle questions for each student and each time a student takes the assignment.
    Hide question labels
    Select to hide the labels of individual questions.
    Allow/restrict feedback after the assignment Set Feedback after Assignment options to determine if and when students can view their overall assignment score, question details, responses, question scores, correct answers, and feedback.
    Note Once all settings are configured, you can save your settings to use for future assignments. Click Save as new set, name the set, and click Save. When making future assignments, you can find these settings in the dropdown menu.
  14. Click Done.

Your new assignment is added to your Assignments page.