Cengage Listed Twice in LMS Content Market

When integrating a MindTap course with your LMS, you see two versions of the Cengage tool listed in your LMS.

Two versions of the Cengage integration tool.


A new version of the Cengage tool has been automatically added to your LMS.


If you've already used the old integration tool in your course, continue using the old tool for the duration of your course.

Old Cengage tool.

If you haven't used the Cengage tool in your course yet, try the new version of the tool. Click the new Cengage tool to check if it has been enabled by your LMS admin.

New Cengage tool.

If the tool has been enabled, continue integrating your course.

If the tool has not been enabled, go back and use the old integration tool. Ask your LMS admin to either enable or delete the new Cengage tool.