Sync Scores to Blackboard

After adding activity links from BlackboardĀ®, your students' MindTap scores sync to Blackboard based on your settings. If needed, you can also request a manual score sync to Blackboard.

  • You can request a manual score sync only once every 24 hours.
  • Manual score syncs are performed after all current automatic syncs, not instantly.

    Scores sync automatically when assignment attempts are submitted in MindTap and when you enter or edit scores in your MindTap gradebook.

  • MindTap scores overwrite the corresponding scores in Blackboard.
  • Changes made in the Blackboard gradebook are not synced to MindTap.
  • MindTap category grades are not synced to Blackboard.
  1. To open the gradebook, click Progress > Gradebook.
  2. Click Gradebook Actions > Force LMS Sync.
  3. Select the assignment scores to sync to Blackboard.
    • To sync an individual assignment, select Selected Assignment and select the assignment from the dropdown.
    • To sync all assignments, select Full Gradebook.
    Note If you previously chose to sync only the overall course score to Blackboard and not the individual activity scores, these options are not available to you.
  4. Click Sync.

The selected assignment scores are queued for synchronization to Blackboard. Syncing your entire gradebook might take up to an hour.