Open eBooks

Access your eBook from MindTap or your learning management system.
  1. Open your eBook.

    Depending on how your course was set up, some options might not be available.

    To do this Do this
    From your MindTap class

    Click a section in the activity list.

    Features such as videos, exercises, highlighting, and taking notes are available only from the activity list.

    Alternatively, click Full Book in the toolbar to open the eBook as a non-interactive full book.

    From your learning management system

    Click the reading link to open your eBook in a new window.

  2. Open an eBook section and start reading.

    Some eBooks have different layouts.

    To do this Do this
    Open a textbook section
    1. If necessary, click Chapter contents or Show or hide table of contents menu to show the table of contents.
    2. Click a section title.
    Go to a page number

    Enter a number in Go to pg and press ENTER.

    Page numbers in eBooks match the print version.

    Go to the next page Click Next page.
    Go to the previous page Click Previous page.