Integrate an Existing MindTap Course With Canvas

If you already created the MindTap course you want to integrate with Canvas™ — and no students are enrolled — integrate your existing course.

Note Course masters, courses with student enrollments, and courses that are already linked to an LMS can't be linked.
  1. Open your Canvas course.
  2. Add the Cengage app to your course navigation if it is not already listed.

    The app is copied when you copy a Canvas course.

    1. From the course navigation, click Settings > Navigation.
    2. Drag the Cengage app to the course navigation.
    3. Click Save.
  3. From the course navigation, click Cengage.
  4. If prompted, sign in to your Cengage instructor account to link your Canvas and Cengage accounts.

    If you don't have a Cengage instructor account, request one here or at

  5. Select the textbook or product you want to use from the available course content.
    • To filter the list by platform, click Filter Results and select a platform from the dropdown.
  6. Select Link to an existing course or section.

    Your unlinked courses and course sections with no student enrollments for the selected title are listed.

  7. Select the course or section you want to link and click Continue.
  8. If prompted, select whether to synchronize the overall course score or individual activity scores to the Canvas gradebook.

    This option is not available for all courses.

    Note Category scores can not be synced to Canvas.
    1. Click Continue to confirm your choice.

    A link to the integrated MindTap course is added to your Canvas course.

  9. Click the link to your MindTap course.

    If prompted, read and accept the service agreement.