Create a New Schoology-Integrated MindTap Course

If you have not created the MindTap course you want to integrate with Schoology®, create it from Schoology.
  1. Open your Schoology course.
  2. If you do not have a default grade category in your Schoology course, create one.

    A default grade category is required to sync grades between Schoology and MindTap.

    1. Click Grade Setup.
    2. In Categories, click Add.
    3. Enter information for your category and click Create.
    4. To use this category for MindTap assignments, click Set default category.
  3. On the Materials tab, click Add Materials > Cengage LMS Integration.
  4. If prompted, sign in to your Cengage instructor account to link your Schoology and Cengage accounts.

    If you don't have a Cengage instructor account, click Create Account.

  5. Click Add Homework Platform.
  6. Select the textbook or product you want to use from the available course content.
    • To search the available content, type a search term.
    • To see only MindTap results, click Filter and set Filter By to MindTap.
    • To filter the list by license type, click Filter and set the dropdown to Student Purchase Required or Inclusive Access.
    • To select an item, click Link to Course.

    The selected title is shown with MindTap course creation and linking options.

  7. Select Create a new MindTap course.
  8. Complete the details for your MindTap course.
    Field Notes
    Course Name
    Tip Include the academic term in the course name.
    Course Start Date

    This date is both the first day students can access your course and the beginning of your students' temporary access period. It cannot be changed after students access the course.

    Course End Date

    To allow your students to view their grades and complete late work, consider setting this 1 week after the last day of class.

    Course Days/Times

    Optional: Include the days and times of class meetings.


    Optional: If you teach multiple sections of the same course, specify the section here.

    Time Zone

    Assignment dates and times are based on the time zone you select.

  9. Click Continue.
  10. If prompted, select whether to synchronize the overall course score or individual activity scores to the Schoology gradebook.

    This option is not available for all courses.

    Note Category scores can not be synced to Schoology.
    1. Click Continue to confirm your choice.

    A link to the integrated MindTap course is added to your Schoology course.

  11. Click the link to your MindTap course.

    If prompted, read and accept the service agreement.